Entry: Dig In Sunday, July 27, 2003

  I just got in from my favorite 5 star restaurant on this side of town, Burger King.   I don't usually dine in but I do normally go in to get my eats.  Today I had the distinct pleasure of standing behind what must have been the biggest woman in the world.  It wasn't hard to figure out how she got that way after I saw what she ordered.  Damn near everything on the menu!!  Naturally she got a diet drink to go with it.
  AFter seeing this I started remembering conversations I hear on an almost daily basis at work.  There is nothing like having to suffer through listening to women gripe about how big they are and this great new diet they are on.  The whole time they are talking about the diet, they are usually stuffing a Snickers bar down their throat.
  I remember having this conversation with a good friend a few years back.  She was talking about how she was trying to lose 50 pounds.  Personally, I think she could have lost 150 if she wanted too.  ANYWAY.......The whole time she was saying all this crap she was stuffing chicken down her gullet.  One time, out of curiosity, I timed her eating. (From a distance of course)  She ate a whole roasted chicken in almost 2 minutes flat.  We aren't talking about a little off each piece but picking it to the bone.  Naturally she had a diet drink to wash it down.


September 18, 2004   08:24 PM PDT
Some of us love those big girls who can eat a whole chicken in two minutes flat!
July 27, 2003   06:22 PM PDT
Why the diet drink? Just for the taste of it. At a normal meal I can down 3-5 soda refills. That's almost 1000 calories I don't need. To avoid the calories and satisfy my thirst, I drink diet. Since I've been drinking diet for so long, I prefer the taste of diet to regular soda.

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