Entry: Yet Another Day Tuesday, July 29, 2003

  What a waisted day today has been.  Getting back to my old bad habit of leaving work, I knocked off a few hours early today.  I think I just need to take a good vacation to break that habit.  Sad thing is, I can't take another one until February and that sucks.  Vacations aren't really that restful for me anyway.  I usually spend at least half of the time on the road driving from one place to another.  I"ve tried staying here for a vacation once.  The monotony damn near killed me.  I would really like to take a good ten days and get in some backpacking.  It's just hard finding someone willing to do it with me for more than a day or so.  It seems most people's ideas of camping is going to some stupid campsite with an RV and plugging in.  Hell, you may as well just go to a motel.  I prefer hitting a trail and walking for days with only what I can carry on my back.(Yes, I said days)  Years ago I mad a trip like that and only crossed two paved roads in five days.  I can't remember passing more than maybe two other groups of people the whole time.  That was paradise!!!  Nothing but peace and quiet.        Are you bored yet?
  I spent a good two hours today trying to talk to Susan, a good friend of mine.  When I say trying I mean trying.  You see, Susan was born deaf.  I'm not exactly sure how we became friends but somehow we just get along great.  I used to wonder what would be worse, being deaf or blind.  Seems like I chose deaf as being worse simply because I grew up playing music.  Now I'm not so sure that would be correct.  Kind of an odd decision to make if you were given the choice.  After getting to know her, being deaf doesn't seem like such a bad thing.  So what?  I don't hear someone yelling at me but I still get to see the sunset in the evening.  If I was blind I would hear speak to me but I wouldn't be able to see the sincerity in their eyes when they speak. 
  I don't know how I ended up on this subject because I think I came here to say something entirely different.  It kinda look like todays entry brings up the age old question of what do you believe the most.  What you hear, or what you see?  The two aren't always the same thing.


July 30, 2003   01:52 PM PDT
Interesting blog. I agree; I rather be deaf than blind. Backpacking, that's fun. I love to hike with my friends. Hope you find someone to go with you!

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